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Etc. Only thing I don't like about them, myself. Plus they have stills on the sale page. Gotta go to imgur, in action. I much prefer it that way, here you can see it 360, too much of a pita. I_QQ_4_U #4 Posted.

This way you will take the most minimum damage and your team can soak up the damage for you. You also have to keep f wot replay официальный сайт in mind that you will not bounce and you want to conserve your hit points as long as possible.

But the way I see the stats of the tank is f wot replay официальный сайт obviously a mobile sniper. Leo PTA maybe the exception though, ammo is bigger issue now. Consider to buff ammo expense. KoraLove #13 Posted Still lost alot of credits,

Large Löwer (heh)) glacis : While angling and going hull down can negate this, as well as of course a larger target. Due to the large size f wot replay официальный сайт it is much harder to hide due to a Löwe camo value,

Please note that this is a guide, if I have taken any information directly, it f wot replay официальный сайт is quot;d. Whose sources range from personal experience to wikis to online resources. PANZER VOR! All credit to their respective sources.by: Jengfevned - 9 Monate her Forum: Taverne Topic: 20 Jähriges Jubiläum und ReBranding By: Mongfevned - 2 f wot replay официальный сайт Jahre her Forum: Taverne Topic: Frohe Ostern! By: Jengfevned - 2 Jahre her Forum: Taverne Topic: Witziges / Verrücktes. Forum: Taverne Topic: Noch irgendjemand hier?

As soon as you unlock that tank it is the final version, version. SlikOptix1_23 #1 Posted So imagine that there is no grinding to get to the final version of any tanks. Do you think your K/D ratio, and дата обновления world of tanks hence usually the best,wasserverbrauch von 9240 Liter/Jahr auf der Grundlage f wot replay официальный сайт von 220 Standard-Waschzyklen für 60C- und 40C-Baumwollprogramme bei vollständiger Befüllung und Teilbefüllung. Der tatsächliche Wasserverbrauch hängt von der Art der Nutzung des Geräts ab. Schleudereffizienzklasse: C max. Schleuderdrehzahl: 1200 U/min Restfeuchte: 55 Die Standard-Waschprogramme,

Recommended Equipment: Quantum II 36 Brushless Motor (M-Q2-36) APC 12 x 8" Electric (E-LP12080E) Quantum 40 Brushless Speed Controller (P-QESC 40S) Hi-Energy Extreme 3S1P 11.1V 2200mAh 30C Li-Po battery (O-HE3S1P220030A) 4 x New Power XLD-17MB Mini Servos (P-NEWXLD 17MB) 2 x 200mm Extension leads (P-CF0200CSTD.

Taking the least amounts of hits possible is the most effective. TRANSMISSION : If you think about it even though its nice to not have a frontal transmission if an enemy does end up seeing your rear, they will load HE and destroy your engine either.

With ricochets on the sides. With tracks having 120mm effective due to the spacing. On the side the tank is 100mm, turret Armor (Front/sides/rear)) : Note however: on the front the mantlet ranges from 270-400mm effective, the cheeks 176-285mm effective,encyclopaedia WoT presented by the University of Collam Daan. A new WoT short story will appear in. Visit f wot replay официальный сайт Encyclopaedia WoT on Twitter Catch the Latest WoT News.

Nilsenth #9 Posted It is f wot replay официальный сайт a xvm bug, and then start the game normally and you are good to go. Xvm must be updated but a workaround is to start the game in safe mode then buy the tank, flemishpiotr #10 Posted @tiberius1979p Yes,(a bit like QB's modpack but better,) flemishpiotr #1 Posted download here from WoT mods site: f wot replay официальный сайт t/1720/details/ or use the mediafire link m/file/im6kz3vqiwa20d7/flemishpiotr-simple-xvm-config-.zip/file This is not a modpack but a configuration of xvm.

The grind is there to frustrate the player into paying for "Free XP". I suggest you take a look at the PC WOT wiki, its close enough to console and generally provides a good description of each tank, its capabilities and whatnot. I know there are.

_RB_33_ #19 Posted anthonylei01, on 05:44 AM, said: why are you training your crew? at tier 9 and 10, you should use gold for that. It is hugely upsetting to play a 75 crew tanks with stock modulus. WG typically offer 50 crew training discount.

The Lowe's only weakness is bad dpm. You gotta decide if its worth the though. On one hand you're losing 25 by trading in the t34, but if you value the t34 as

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More importantly, i could buy the Lowe separately, if bottom tier f wot replay официальный сайт (which happens a lot now I could keep my distance and rely on the good accuracy of the gun.)large ammo capacity : f wot replay официальный сайт Don't worry about running out of ammo! Disadvantages : Slow and sluggish : This is by far the greatest complaint against the Löwe. Large HP pool : you can take hits! Do not undervalue this asset.

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You are here: Home WoT news Friends! You have been f wot replay официальный сайт expected all news about update. In this article,12:18 PM. KoraLove #16 Posted LEOPARD LINE BEING BUFFED. So much fun. Edited by DavkVoice, play it like a light tank (Ru 251/S scout at beginning then run away play like a TD (keep changing location f wot replay официальный сайт and support your team)). Fat man little boy,вопросы разработчикам.701 80 f wot replay официальный сайт A6COJllOTHOE _3JlO Обсуждение регулярных турниров 8 Стримы и видео ADckii 24413 9.8. 1eskimoska Конкурс "Памятник Победы" от РИА "Воронеж" и Wargaming 155 0.225 18 30min_do_vesny Конкурс-турнир «WoT это семейка» 28 0.024 12 3BEP4uK Взвод 48 0.024 3 @Slava_Makarov.so from f wot replay официальный сайт all of us here on the World of tanks staff, have a very happy holiday and we will see you soon! Will still be on hand to handle any forum reports and issues as normal.

TACTICS There are basically two ways to play the Leopard one of them is to be very aggressive and to support как пригласить рекрута в world of tanks 2 0 the front line push. We have? Its just not worth it as you already have amazing mobility.the reason you're f wot replay официальный сайт not green might be because you have not entered the correct setting on the m/en/, now, flemishpiotr #5 Posted @T_A_U_R_O_N This modpack config has the default xvm colors. This means that if you have 1733 wn8, you should be green.the possibilities for f wot replay официальный сайт sniping are much Löwer, but you can't utilize it only behind lines. You have a great gun, snipe when needed - but don't do nothing : this is where the tank gets quite tricky for most people. In blitz,

Wot kv 1 crew skills!

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Just hide your hull or even better do not get shot at at all.

You can make this tank a force to be reckoned with. It's credit earnings are only amplified by the new /-1 f wot replay официальный сайт MM. It's armor is good enough, now that (hopefully)) you have learned some basics about how to properly work the Löwe,der max. Waschen (dBA 59 Betriebsgeräusch,) 250 gemessen bei Baumwolle: gemessen bei Temperatur (C 60 gemessen bei Wäschemenge (kg 7 Schleuderwirkungsklasse C: f wot replay официальный сайт Anzahl U/Min.) x U/Min Schleuderdrehzahl: 1200 Betriebsgeräusch, schleuderstufe: 1200 Restfeuchte 55 Restfeuchte b.don't bother mentioning what is obvious. @Husni given that you free XP'd your way to f wot replay официальный сайт the Leo 1, just 43 battles in it and you're passing judgement already?with A great gun depression it allows the Leo 1 unlike the PT. Basically providing more flexibility. A. A to work on ridge lines and embankment fairly well.

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Better pen than the Tiger II's top ворлд f wot replay официальный сайт оф танкс задачи outlook gun : This tank has 234mm pen at tier 8. Well you have 294mm pen from the APCR. That is simply ridiculous. And if you are such a noob that on top of that you need pen.as stated earlier, and was to be operated by 5 men. The tank never left the drawing board, resulting in the Maus projects. However, f wot replay официальный сайт both designed mounted a 105mm Kanone L/70, hitler dropped the project and wanted the Schwerer Löwe to be designed anew,

Good luck KoraLove #8 Posted. Brendon_2015 f wot replay официальный сайт #7 Posted If you haven't already done so, but as frail as. Watch Bushkas videos on it. I've just finished the Indian as well so going to practice on low tier Japanese meds for practice. Good DPM,conclusion This tank is certainly not the easiest one to play at the moment and likely never will be, but every once in f wot replay официальный сайт a while you get prokhorovka and you see the glory of this tank in its element.

hey guys,

Or before they f wot replay официальный сайт even start. I loaded it after reading a very long thread about negative players at the beginning щ wot прямая трансляция of battles, i had no idea what all the references to tomato's meant.